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Glotin Bassoon Tube Cane

France, Var region
From $1.68

Glotin Oboe Tube Cane,10.5-11mm

Var region of France
From $1.24

Glotin Oboe Tube Cane, 10-10.5mm

Var region of France
From $1.16

Glotin Pre-gouged Oboe Cane

France, Var region

Glotin Oboe Staple - Brass, 47mm

47mm, brass, natural cork

Glotin Oboe Staple - Nickel/Silver, 47mm

47mm, nickel/silver, natural cork

Glotin English Horn Staples - Brass, 27mm


Glotin English Horn Staples - Nickel/Silver, 27mm


Glotin English Horn Tube Cane

Var region of France

Glotin Gouged English Horn Cane

Sold in bundles of 10