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4" Finishing File (ACC165/189)

Ebony Handle

Clasp Reed Knife - Black Handle


Clasp Reed Knife, Cherry Handle (102a)

Solid Cherry Handle

Concave/beveled Reed Knife

Right or left hand. Ebony handle.

D'Addario Humidity Control Double Reed Case

Holds any combination of 5 oboe, English Horn, oboe d'amour and bassoon reeds

Double Bevel Reed Knife

Ebony Handle

Double Hollow Ground Reed Knife

Cocobolo, Ebony, Rosewood and Violet handles

Gem Silk Bassoon Bocal Swabs

Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Green, Black

Gem Silk Bassoon Swabs

Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Green, Black

Medir Convex, Plastic Bassoon Plaque

Black and transparent red

Medir Spiral Reamer - Bassoon

Multi-fluted, tapered

Reed Vitalizer for D'Addario Humidity Control Reed Cases

Two-way humidity control refill pack

Reeds 'n Stuff Compact Bassoon Stand


Reeds 'n Stuff Compact Bassoon Stand Carrying Case


Rieger Convex Bassoon Plaques - Plastic

Black, blue, maroon, red, transparent and red transparent

Single Bevel Reed Knife

Right or left hand models. Ebony handle.

Solution Bassoon Easel


Superslick Cork Grease

Convenient twist tube

Vitry Razor Knife

Double bevel

West Bassoon Reed Blanks

Choose red, green, or blue wrap. Tip finishing available.

Yamaha Synthetic Cork Grease

Handy twist stick

Yamaha Synthetic Cork Grease - Round

Compact flip top container

21 Gauge Brass Wire

1/4, 1/2 and 1 lb spools

Medir Arrowhead Bassoon Plaque


Medir Bassoon Mandrel